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Want to know what the ICAS Tax Professional Qualification is really like? Meet current and past students and discover how ITP can help develop your tax career.

Jade, Corporate Tax Senior Associate, PwC

Jade Maclaren CA ITP

Corporate Tax Senior Associate, PwC

Having recently moved to PwC as a corporate tax senior associate, Jade studied ITP as a dual qualification with the CA at KPMG. Jade believes the ITP qualification has given her the necessary knowledge to undertake her role and communicate effectively with her clients over a variety of tax issues.

"After completing a tax module in my third year of university, I decided to pursue a career in tax and was really interested in completing the dual qualification, as ITP and CA complement each other. The volume of information to learn was challenging, however the support received made this manageable. For example, at KPMG I had designated members of staff to answer my queries and at ICAS, lecturers were always on hand to offer guidance.

Gaining the ITP qualification will undoubtedly contribute towards my future career in tax. Whilst I intend to specialise in corporate tax, the ITP has provided me with a solid knowledge base of all taxes. Although having trained in tax, the CA qualification has contributed to my overall understanding of business and commercial awareness.

I would recommend ITP to others as the syllabus contains material covering all taxes (personal tax, corporation tax & indirect taxes) which allows students to develop and learn technical knowledge in each of these areas.  It can also be completed in conjunction with the CA qualification which enables you to increase your business and commercial knowledge.

Be prepared to work hard, but the benefits are worth it."

David, Assistant Manager, KPMG

David Hancock CA ITP

Assistant Manager, KPMG

David works for KPMG and studied the dual CA ITP qualification. Currently working on secondment, David is providing assistance on a number of on-going projects and has had the opportunity to work with a variety of different teams.

"The breadth of skills I have developed doing the CA and ITP has definitely helped me so far, specifically on my current secondment as I've worked as part of the Tax, Commercial Finance, and Accounting teams.  I simply wouldn't have been able to offer the client this level of versatility without the ITP" says David. "Tax is such an important issue and public awareness of tax has never been higher.  What I now have is a very particular set of skills, skills which I acquired studying the ITP and which equip me to fulfil my duties as an advisor. Overall, it is a very sought after set of skills and that can only be beneficial to my future career.

I was one of the first classes to take on ITP and I was impressed by how well structured the content was across an incredible breadth of complex subjects. That, alongside the ever-patient tutors, couldn't have better prepared me for taking on the exams!

It is very hard work and there is no way to avoid putting in the hard yards.  Having said that, I couldn't be a bigger believer that it is essential to make sure you still make time for yourself while you study. Whether that is going for a few pints or to the gym or whatever it is you like to do, make sure you still make time for it and you will find you study time is much more productive than if you grind yourself down

You can never have too many feathers in your cap and doing the ITP will help to set you apart""

Siobhan, Assistant Manager, Indirect Taxes KPMG

Siobhan Blunden CA ITP

Assistant Manager, Indirect Taxes KPMG

Having completed a summer internship with KPMG, Siobhan was offered a graduate position and the opportunity to undertake the dual CA and ITP qualification whilst pursuing a career in VAT.

"The ITP qualification will help me in my future career development in Tax as I have a broader understanding of tax as a whole, rather than only focusing on one single area such as Indirect Tax. This broader understanding has given me greater insight for working on multi-tax engagements and a consideration of the wider tax implications for clients. From this, I have been able to provide a higher level of service to my clients because I have an awareness of the different tax implications one client project may have.

I found studying for the ITP challenging but extremely worthwhile and received great support from ICAS especially in terms of approaching the new ITP syllabus and its requirements. I would advise that prospective ITP students take enough time to develop their basic understanding of tax through their ITP studies which will then prepare them for more in-depth areas that are covered later in the modules.

Whilst the dual qualification is hard work, to have the two qualifications provides you with an excellent foundation for your career and also recognises the importance of tax in business today."

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