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The decision to commit to studying for a professional qualification takes serious consideration.  It requires time and commitment, as well as a desire to learn.

Our ITP Sample Material Guide 2015 provides you with sample material from Level 2 of the ITP qualification.

Every candidate embarking on the qualification will be supplied with the same material, which includes all the knowledge required to pass the examinations.

The notes are enhanced with illustrative examples and diagrams to assist understanding.  In addition, short examples are provided in most chapters allowing candidates to work through new concepts themselves and check their answers.

Recognising that the use of source legislation is vital in practice, all material includes full cross-references to the tax legislation, which can be used in the examinations, and also to case law where appropriate.  Legislative references are clearly identified throughout the material.

Every pack of material is supported with a full question bank covering the topics on the course, and a revision pack of exam standard questions. Candidates are also provided with audio visual lectures which supplement the manuals and allow for the audio to be downloaded to listen to another time. Additionally, the Student Forum allows candidates to share experiences, ask questions and help each other in their studies.

The ITP Sample Material Guide 2015 will take you to sample material from each of the Level 2 papers within the qualification, demonstrating the straightforward, clear style of writing used in the material and the focus on illustrations, examples and legislative references. You can also request a full ITP information pack.


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