Inspiring Indy urges new CAs to change the world

Indy Hothi - One Young CA

Indy Hothi, winner of ICAS One Young CA competition 2015, is calling on the latest group of newly qualified CAs to grasp the opportunity to make a difference.

He will be speaking at the 2016 Admission Ceremony in Edinburgh next week and he has written some verse to mark the occasion.

His poem contains the lines: “Maybe you get handed a wild card something that changes it all. It could be that ace in your pocket the CA qualification can be that call.

A valuable set of skills which apply in every day providing the tools to build a better world. It’s up to us to pave the way.

The details of this year’s One Young CA competition will be announced shortly and there’s no doubt that this time round the entries will be just as impressive and impactful.

As a senior economist and strategy consultant at EY, Indy’s role involves advising public and private sector organisations on the economic, social and fiscal impact of their organisations.

He plays a key role in leading the EY Sikh Network as part of EY’s Interfaith Working Group. Indy was shortlisted for the 2015 National Diversity Awards for his achievements with the network.

Outside of work, Indy provides pro bono services to a number of charities and is a trustee to Khalsa Aid, an independent relief organisation set up to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas. Indy’s involvement has taken him to the front line in the aftermath of natural disasters in Haiti and Bosnia.

As winner of the One Young CA winner, he represented ICAS at the One Young World Summit in Bangkok on 18-21 November, an international conference for young people who are making a difference.

His full poem is here:

I should start where it all began,
With my parents building my foundation.

I learnt the meaning of true hard work
All hands on deck since their migration.

Using them as my inspiration
I knew I had to follow suit.

With dreams and hopes of helping with world
I started my own pursuit.

On that journey I began to learn
We’re all dealt a different hand.

But how we play them is up to us
That’s what defines our fellow man.

I began to see the world
Travelling and taking flight.

I started to see that I could help the world
But only if I played my cards right.

I saw those with cards stacked against them
I wanted to help and give.

Become a true human of humanity
Helping others is how we should live.

Worldwide disasters lost in the shuffle
Those left with nothing at all.

I learnt that life isn’t just about me
It’s not about winner takes all.

You can take a risk or you can pass
The choice is always yours.

Take opportunities by the hand
It’s your choice to try all doors.

I began professional fighting abroad
As a test to my resolve

I needed to test my inner strength
The hardships I could solve.

There’s no cheating in hard work
You have to stay focused on your aim

Build your strength, build your attention
There are no jokers in this game.

I didn’t want to narrow my choices
Become a jack of all trades

My passion for arts and creativity
Led me to newer ways.

Showcasing the work of talented artists
That live in faraway places.

Help them make a livelihood, fulfil their dreams
Help change lives in some cases.

Maybe you get handed a wild card
Something that changes it all.

It could be that ace in your pocket
The CA qualification can be that call.

A valuable set of skills
Which apply in every day.

Providing the tools to build a better world
It’s up to us to pave the way.


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