Improving TPS through feedback

Tutor feedback
By Joanne Lloyd-Jones, TPS Afin Subject Controller

20 April 2017

Noticing some changes to our Test of Professional Skills course? We're putting your feedback and suggestions into action! Here is how we measure up and what we're going to improve.  

TPS students were asked for feedback on the courses that they attended during the fourth quarter of 2016. This feedback is taken very seriously and is essential in helping us improve the student experience.

Overall, there is a high level of satisfaction with the tuition, material and admin support as evidenced by these summary statistics:

  • Materials: overall score of 3.42 out of 5
  • Organisation of course: overall score of 3.95 out of 5
  • Overall experience: overall score of 3.73 out of 5

However, there were also some detailed comments that we received and, on the basis of these, we will be implementing the following changes to TPS courses in 2017:

  • The timing of the mocks within the courses will be amended, where necessary, to ensure that students have more time to consider the feedback on a mock before sitting the next mock.
  • Mock marking will be reviewed and improved, where necessary, to ensure that students are provided with useful comments on their mock performance.
  • Mock debriefs will be changed to include a debrief of the more challenging technical aspects of the mocks.
  • An ongoing project will continue to try to reduce the volume of TPS materials while ensuring that the standard of the courses and the education provided are not compromised.
  • More detail on how best to navigate the ICAS website will be released to students to ensure a better student experience.

The feedback comments that related to the individual TPS subject have been passed back to the subject controllers and these have been considered in the preparation of the 2017 material and class planning. 

The subject controllers have all found the feedback to be useful and the highly-valued comments have helped in improving the courses. We strive to continually improve the courses and your feedback forms an essential part of this process. 

As such, it is really important that you provide feedback to us at every opportunity, so please ensure that you complete and return the feedback questionnaire which is provided at the end of every class.


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