If you do one thing while you're a CA student...

lecturer gives advice

Lecturers offer a single piece of advice to students. It might seem that from the minute you start the TC pre-course briefing, everyone has some advice for you and suggestions about what you should be doing. 

We asked the lecturers to come up with the single thing that they’d like you to focus on before anything else. The result was a collection of essential advice that will guide you through the three phases of the CA course – and beyond.

Take lecturer advice on board about how to study and approach question practice at each level of the CA qualification - even if you don't believe us when you first read / hear it.

Catherine Devaney

Add the exam date to your calendar as soon as you come to classes, then work backwards adding mocks or other significant ‘mileposts’ in your course until you get back to today’s date. This will give you a good idea of the work required over the coming months and will give you early warning of any potential clashes with your social or work calendar.

Duncan McKellar

Always treat everybody with respect from the highest in an organisation to the lowest. The benefits you will receive from this are important.

Matthew Gorrie

Listen to your tutors! We have all been in your shoes (some more recently than others) so when we are giving advice, we are not doing it to nag, make your life difficult or spoil your fun – we are trying to help! We know how much work is involved, and we really want you to pass.

Joanne Miller

Time off from ICAS is important (and allowed!), especially when you start the course and still may have months or weeks until your exam. Personally, for the first month and a half of TPS, Friday nights and Saturdays were ICAS-free. Closer to the exam this became just Friday nights but it allowed me to sustain the amount of work I was doing right up until the exam without burning out

Anna Cameron

It’s really important to keep doing regular sport and physical exercise throughout your studies. It’ll ensure you get time away from your desk and is the perfect way to de-stress and help you handle the heavy workload.

Susan Harris

Ask, ask, ask. All of your tutor team are here to help you to pass: whether that be responding to your posts on the discussion board, meeting with you before or after class, helping with technical queries or sharing our experience of study technique. You and your studies are the key focus for all of us. Helping you as you progress through the qualification is what makes us all enjoy our jobs.

Fiona Winter


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