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15 June 2017

You may have noticed the appearance of a 'classroom etiquette' guide on screen in class during breaks - this includes an acrostic on the ideal method to get the most from your learning. 

Kit Millar, ICAS tutor, recommends an emphasis on completing workshops and always asking questions for study success: 

"Remember that being in class is the best opportunity for you to learn the topics, and ask questions on anything you are unsure of. If you’re not paying attention, turn up 10 minutes late or are on your phone, you might miss something important, or miss one of your colleagues asking a question which you also were wondering. 

"Take the opportunity to do workshops in class and to discuss your workings with the lecturer and your classmates – it will mean you can be more effective in your home study!"

Fiona Winter, Director of Development (Education) added: “It’s rare to find that you’re the only one wondering about a point. Raising your question will normally help a number of those in class.”

Jennifer Cloke, ICAS tutor, advocates using the blog and existing notes: "Use all of the support available; from asking tutors for help in class to using all of the notes and workshop exercises available, as well as reading relevant posts in the blog. Your tutors all want to help you pass so make the most of all the help we can give you."


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