How to win at networking events

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By Ellen Arnison, Student Blog

21 January 2019

Love them or hate them, the networking event is unavoidable in the modern working world. Making a bee-line for the comfort of a person you already know won’t help you get ahead. Here are 22 ways on how to win at networking events:

1. Get the basics right

Have a firm handshake and a warm smile ready as you introduce yourself. First impressions undoubtedly work wonders; make sure yours are good.

2. Don’t hesitate

Fortune favours the bold and totally ignores the timid. It’s a networking event and so, by definition, everyone is there to be networked with. Do not be intimidated.

3. Take charge of the conversation

Asking the questions allows you to start and control a conversation. Here’s are a few ways to get started:

  • Ask a simple question about travel or the venue.
  • Ask for the person’s connection to the event.
  • Stick out your hand and introduce yourself.

4. Have some questions ready

Be prepared with a few questions so you can keep the conversations flowing. Pick from:

  • How did you get started in business?
  • What motivated you to come to this event?
  • What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

5. If you’re curious, just ask

If someone says something that sparks your interest, ask them about it. If they weren’t prepared to discuss it they wouldn’t have dropped a hint.

6. Be honest

It’s ok to admit to finding networking events a bit overwhelming, or needing some peace and quiet. You can use it to your advantage. Try finding someone on the fringes and saying: “These events can be so hectic. Do you mind if I join you here where it’s a bit quieter?”

7. Ask for someone’s advice

People love to share their wisdom. Asking for someone’s help or opinion will make them feel wise and benevolent plus you might even learn something.

8. Make people feel great

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Mya Angelou

Tell the person you speaking to something truthful that will make them feel good. “It’s been a real pleasure to meet you today,” is a start.

9. Jump into a conversation

If a group of people are already chatting, don’t feel shy about approaching and joining in, just do it politely. If they wanted a private conversation, they’d do it elsewhere. The chances are they’ve just met each other too.

10. Grab a breather

Introverts can still do really well at networking. If this is you, just allow yourself a few minutes of break to recharge your batteries.

11. Save the big sell

A networking event is not about selling you or your firm’s services. It’s about forging a relationship for the future.

12. Pay attention

Everyone you speak to will have something important that you can learn, you simply have to listen well to hear it. In a room full of strangers, don’t assume the loud, confident ones are going to be the most significant ones in the long term.

13. Follow up your new contacts

This can make all the difference. After the event, contact the people you met rather than sticking their business cards in your desk drawer and forgetting about them. It’ll bring you to mind before they forget who you are.

14. Arrive early

If you don’t enjoy networking, the temptation is to arrive as late as possible and leave as early as you can. However, being one of the first there gives you a good chance to talk to most of the people before the event gets busy. You’ll appear relaxed and established in the room by the time everyone else gets there.

15. Remember your elevator pitch

Practice explaining who you are, what you do and where you’re from in 30 seconds or so. It will help you to take control of your interactions. Work in a few topics to tease out follow-up questions, such as ‘I’m working on a couple of really exciting projects just now”.

16. Find the right event

In any city, there are numerous different networking events from breakfast meetings to speed networking. Regular events are more likely to result in ongoing business relationships so find the one that suits you and your firm the best, and commit to it.

17. Have a game plan

While networking isn’t about the hard sell. It’s a good idea to keep your objectives in mind as that will shape your interactions. Are you looking for new clients, mentors or investors?

18. Get a list of attendees

Ask if you can get a list of attendees before you arrive so you know if there’s anyone you particularly want to meet. That way you can seek them out and you won’t be in danger of missing them.

19. Give yourself a talking to

If meeting strangers makes you anxious – and it isn’t uncommon – then set yourself up with a pep talk about how much you have to offer and how happy people will be to meet you. Try imagining yourself confidently greeting new contacts - your mind will thank you for it!

20. Make your excuses

Avoid getting stuck with the same person for the whole event by having a few excuses up your sleeve. Politely arrange to talk to them another time.

21. Take the opportunity to present

Some networking events offer you the chance to present to the group. Seize this opportunity as you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and experience to many people at once. Don’t forget to invite them to introduce themselves later.

22. And finally... smile

Not only does forcing a smile actually make you feel happier and more confident, but scientists have proven that if you smile when you meet someone for the first time, they are much more likely to remember you.

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