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18 February 2019

How well do you work with myCABLE? The online learning platform is integral to your CA studies but could you be using its resources more effectively? Your tutors share their top tips for making the most of myCABLE.

1. Study your surroundings

Is the room around you a good, quiet place for studying? It may be tempting to sit on your bed in your pyjamas, but remember to treat myCABLE days as you would any other studying opportunity. Give it your full attention!

2. Remove distractions

Put your phone and the TV remote on the other side of the room. You need to be able to focus on the work in front of you.

3. Take your time

Use the suggested timing for a module as a guide to how long you should be spending on it. For example, if the guide recommends two hours and the slides or explanation only takes one, use the other hour to complete the workshops.

4. Use all the materials

The myCABLE guides should be used alongside your module notes. Treat the guide like a lecture, but with the added benefit of stopping and starting it when you choose to! If you feel a little behind, pause and read the notes to see if that helps with your understanding. Similarly, if the guide asks you to try an activity or example, make sure you do before clicking to the solution – this really helps with your understanding!

5. Workshops matter

Practice the set workshop exercises on the day of study and don’t leave them to the last minute. A myCABLE day should be treated in the same way as any day in ICAS classrooms, with plenty of study time afterwards.

6. Pace yourself

Remember that myCABLE is not a race to see who can get finished first! Learn at your own pace and take all the time you need with each guide.

7. Repetition helps

Don’t be put off if you are struggling with something on myCABLE. You can listen to the guides more than once and, if you are really struggling, you can use the discussion boards to ask specific questions.

8. Balance your schedule

Build-in appropriate study breaks on myCABLE days, just as you get in class, so that you are refreshed and making the most of the study time.

9. Pay attention to deadlines

Make sure that you complete myCABLE modules on the days they are due. Progress tests and mocks will assume you have completed them.

10. Ask for help

If you are struggling with anything at all and have already tried using the discussion board, don’t be afraid to try and speak with a tutor, either by phone, face-to-face or by raising a support ticket on the Education Support centre. It is important that you understand everything on myCABLE to answer any questions in your mocks and final exams.


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