Eight quick tips to prepare for the TPE exam

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By Cat Devaney, TPE Level Controller

29 April 2019

Success is just around the corner for our students and we know that you will do your utmost to achieve your qualification at every turn. If you have finished block 2 of TPE then take some time to digest these tutor tips by Level Controller Cat Devaney on how to prepare for the TPE exam.

In the lead up to the exam, what should I do? 

1. Practice your planning - this is a key part of the process of answering the exam.

2. Take the time to review your mocks and rewrite sections which you did not perform well in – self-­review is key.

3. Practice writing parts of cases not completed in class. Read over what you have written to ensure you are achieving depth within your answer. It's best to put your work away for a few days and then take a red pen to it.

4. Practice writing answers which always give value-added advice. Every time you discuss an issue be sure to offer a solution. You're automatically giving advice and value while ensuring there's depth in your answer.

5. Practice executive summaries for every case you complete in class. You could also take the sample solutions, read the report and then write the executive summary for it – practice makes perfect!

6. Develop your time management. Simulate the time pressure of the exam and make sure you critically evaluate what you have done.

7. Review the templates and exam material you have on your computer: are they up to date, can you find everything readily, and do the materials make sense to you?

8. Read the technical updates and modules provided by ICAS - they are given for a reason.

Good luck!


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