Why you should become an ICAS Chartered Accountant (CA)

Train  to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) with ICAS for an exciting and rewarding career in business and beyond.

  • qualify for more than accountancy
  • wear the prestigious ‘CA’ badge
  • unlock global opportunities
  • competitive salaries and job security
  • support from a professional network

Exceed beyond accountancy

Chartered Accountants (CAs) don’t just work for accountancy firms. Qualify as an ICAS CA and the wealth of skills and expertise you gain will present a variety of impressive career opportunities.

The CA is a complete qualification from which you could go on to work at the highest levels of accountancy, finance and business, at a charity, government body or cutting-edge tech firm.

Furthermore, for those with an entrepreneurial streak, becoming a CA provides the key skills to start and manage a successful business.

  • 80% of FTSE 100s employ CAs
  • ICAS CAs work at senior levels such as CEO, CFO and board member

Start an extraordinary career – how to become a CA

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CA – transform your life with two letters

The CA badge of Chartered Accountant is a sign of excellence that will impress employers and create opportunities throughout your career.

Becoming 'chartered' indicates that an accountant has reached the highest level, undertaken the ICAS programme of rigorous training and examinations in accountancy, business and ethics, and committed to a process of continuous professional development.

Having the letters CA of Chartered Accountant after your name will impress employers and open doors to a host of amazing life opportunities. And did you know, those two letters are exclusive to ICAS members? No other Institute, training body or organisation in the UK can use the prestigious CA designation.

A global opportunity

The ICAS CA is an internationally respected qualification that will provide extraordinary opportunities worldwide.

The CA designation is internationally renowned and valued, so you won’t be restricted to employment within the UK, in fact, as an ICAS Chartered Accountant, you could work anywhere in the world.

  • 14% of ICAS members are based overseas

No matter where your travels lead, your skills as a dynamic, capable and forward-thinking business professional will always be in demand.

ICAS has also developed several reciprocal agreements with international accounting bodies, further opening doors for CAs worldwide.

Start an extraordinary career – how to become a CA

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Salary & security

From training to qualification, CAs can expect a competitive salary in a profession with a bright and stable future.

Starting salaries for CAs compare favourably with those for sectors such as law, general management and banking. School leavers and graduates will receive a highly competitive salary whilst they train, and the newly qualified can expect anything up to £56,000 per annum.

  • earn while you learn
  • £22,000- £56,000 starting salary
  • highly recession-proof profession

Future salary prospects for Chartered Accountants are also great: according to a above-inflation, 35% of ICAS members got an above inflation pay rise, and most of the rest got a rise in line with inflation.

As an ICAS CA your skills and expertise will constantly be in demand. In fact, companies of all sizes will always need chartered accountants. Furthermore, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills recently listed chartered accountancy as one of the 40 most exciting and rewarding jobs that present a good mix of opportunity, reward, and long-term potential.

Training success

Our 160 years of professional experience have gone into delivering a system of first-class, fully supported education and a business qualification fit for the modern world.

The abundance of ICAS expertise forms the foundation of our unique syllabus, teaching materials and exams. Additionally, through regular employer consultation we keep the ICAS CA qualification, and our students’ knowledge, at the cutting edge.

Our hands-on approach combines expert tuition with practical application and will ease your understanding of complex financial activities. Ultimately, the technical expertise and professional skills gained whilst training with ICAS will form the basis of your successful career.

And our training track-record speaks for itself: some of the world’s most prominent and accomplished business leaders qualified as CAs with us.

International business class

The ICAS professional network continually works toward the success of its students and qualified members.

The incredible amount of hard work required to qualify is an experience shared by all Chartered Accountants and helps bring the 22,000 ICAS members together as a global business community. And at ICAS we continually work to foster those bonds, so you can easily learn from shared experience, build the knowledge and network required to progress.

Become an ICAS CA and you’ll receive unrivalled levels of professional support. We run a packed calendar of exciting events designed to connect and educate our members. You can network with like-minded colleagues at CA dinners worldwide, drop in to masterclasses on special-interest topics, attend speed-mentoring events, and view the latest exhibitions in some of the UK’s most exciting venues.

Start an extraordinary career – how to become a CA

How is the ICAS CA qualification structured?

The ICAS CA qualification sits at the level of a master’s degree and is structured to deliver the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

  • 13 technical subjects covered
  • accounting, finance and broader business skills
  • gain real-world, professional experience
  • dedicated Public Trust & Ethics assessment

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Do I qualify for any exemptions to the CA qualification?

Exemptions may be available from five out of six papers of the Test of Competence (TC) level, depending on your qualifications and memberships.

Who may be eligible for an exemption?

  • graduates with an ICAS-accredited degree
  • graduates with some non-ICAS-accredited degrees
  • members of AAT & ICAEW

Where do I apply for a CA training agreement?

Our dedicated job site Becomeaca.org.uk offers an interesting range of firms to work and train with, from small local companies to large corporations.

Can international students/graduates become a CA?

International students from outside the UK must confirm the UK-comparability of their degree and the employer’s requirements before applying for an ICAS CA training position.

Where can I download the ICAS 'Become a CA' brochure?

Our Become a CA brochure gives you more information on ICAS, why you should become a CA, and all the training steps required to become a CA.

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