How to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) by the graduate entry route

Follow the graduate entry route to becoming an ICAS Chartered Accountant (CA). It’s open to students from a variety of backgrounds and you’ll earn a competitive salary whilst you train.

As an ICAS CA you’ll be qualified for an extraordinary career in business and beyond.

  • most degrees accepted
  • 3 years' training
  • earn a competitive salary
  • an extraordinary career in business and beyond

Follow the graduate entry route to an extraordinary career

Why should I become a Chartered Accountant?

With the prestigious ICAS CA qualification you’ll unlock some of the most powerful and rewarding positions in business and accounting, in the UK and abroad.

  • qualify for more than accountancy
  • wear the CA badge of prestige
  • unlock international opportunities
  • competitive salaries and job security
  • join a global business community
  • ICAS’ unrivalled professional support

Can international students/graduates become a CA?

International students from outside the UK must confirm the UK-comparability of their degree and the employer’s requirements before applying for an ICAS CA training position.

How is the ICAS CA qualification structured?

The ICAS CA qualification sits at the level of a master’s degree and is structured to deliver the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

  • 13 technical subjects covered
  • accounting, finance and broader business skills
  • gain real-world, professional experience
  • dedicated Public Trust & Ethics assessment

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Do I qualify for any exemptions to the CA qualification?

Exemptions may be available from five out of six papers of the Test of Competence (TC) level, depending on your qualifications and memberships.

Who may be eligible for an exemption?

  • graduates with an ICAS-accredited degree
  • graduates with some non-ICAS-accredited degrees
  • members of AAT & ICAEW

Where do I apply for a CA training agreement?

Our dedicated job site offers an interesting range of firms to work and train with, from small local companies to large corporations.

Where can I download the ICAS 'Become a CA' brochure?

Our Become a CA brochure gives you more information on ICAS, why you should become a CA, and all the training steps required to become a CA.

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