How did under 35s vote in the 2017 General election?

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By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

29 June 2017

Age was one of the most important factors in the last General Election with a large proportion of young voters dramatically affecting the outcome.

As previously reported on the CA Student Blog, there was a surge in young people registering to vote in the weeks before the election.

Independent analysts Ipsos Mori have estimated that over half of under 35s made it to the polls, based on their exit survey results (54% 18-24 year-olds and 55% 25-34 year-olds). The last time overall voter turnout was this high (68.7%), was on the eve of Labour's win in 1997. 

Other data from Ipsos and YouGov showed an increased popularity for Labour among younger voters with many of the key swing constituencies responsible for decreasing the Conservative majority in university towns.

Under 35s: 2017 General Election


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