ICAS acronyms and abbreviations

Like many organisations, ICAS has its own set of terms and acronyms. At first, they can seem bewildering. Here’s a handy list of the most commonly used expressions and phrases you’ll come across when you start your training.

ABS – Assurance and Business Systems

AF - Advanced Finance

ATO – Authorised Training Office

BE – Business Ethics

BEA – Business Ethics Assignment

BL – Business Law

BM - Business Management

CA – Chartered Accountant

myCABLE – My CA Blended Learning Environment

CAI - Chartered Accountants Ireland

CIPFA – Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy

CM – Counselling Member

ETB – Extended Trial Balance

FA – Financial Accounting

FR – Financial Reporting

FRC – Financial Reporting Council

FRS - Financial Reporting Standards

FSC - Final Certificate of Service

GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

HEX - Homework Exercise

HMRC – Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs

ICAEW – Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards

IQA – Integrated Qualification in Audit

ISA – International Standard on Auditing

IT - Indirect Tax (ITP qualification)

ITP – ICAS Tax Professional Qualification

MEX – Mock Exam

OCR – Online Classroom

PCT – Pre-Course Test

PN – Practice Note

PoT – Principles of Taxation

RPE – Relevant Practical Experience

SCQF – Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

SPICE - Small Business Practice Incentive Contribution for Education

TC – Test of Competence

TOAK – Test of Assumed Knowledge

ToC - Taxation of Companies (ITP qualification)

ToI - Taxation of Individuals (ITP qualification)

TOPPS – Training Outside of Public Practice

TP – Training Principal

TPE – Test of Professional Expertise

TPS – Test of Professional Skills

TPTE - Test of Professional Tax Expertise (ITP qualification)

WSE – Workshop Exercises


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