Four ways GDPR will affect you

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By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

28 May 2018

New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. Your organisation will have been adapting the way they handle data in order to comply, but have you given much thought to its impact outside of work?

Here's how you can expect GDPR to change things closer to home.

1. Your unread email will shrink

All those newsletters and email adverts you normally delete unopened should disappear from your inbox going forward. Many of the mailing lists that you are a member of - knowingly or otherwise - have likely tried to get in touch to confirm you want to keep receiving their content.

If you haven't replied or opted out of their contacts, they can no longer send you mass emails. You have to proactively agree to participate.

2. No need to read lengthy terms and conditions

Companies must supply transparent and plainly worded summaries of how they are using your data. If you have ever been blocked from accessing content by an 'Agree to our Terms & Conditions' tickbox, this is welcome news.

This will give you a clearer oversight of what you are consenting to without sneaky clauses hidden in jargon-filled pages of text.

3. You will know within days if your data is at risk

Any data breaches now have to be reported within 72 hours and any individuals at a high privacy risk will be informed in the same timeframe.

As media stories from the past year or so have pointed out, previously companies would wait months or even years to tell the regulator when private data had been compromised.

4. Out of date data gets deleted

Everyone now has the 'right to be forgotten', meaning information a company may hold on you should be deleted if you withdraw your consent, argue that it's no longer relevant, or prove that it isn't being used for the intended purpose.

You can also demand to have incorrect data rectified. This is useful in cases like credit histories, tenant references and even tax returns!


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