Four steps to getting noticed on LinkedIn

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By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

18 December 2017

Writing professional articles is a great way to network, promote yourself and show off your area of expertise. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to share knowledge and opinions with colleagues on a global scale but how do you make sure your message is visible?

While there is already a lot of advice out there on tailoring your social media presence for professional use, a first-class profile has little impact if it isn't being seen by the right people. Here are our four steps to getting noticed on LinkedIn.

1. Post at the right time

LinkedIn themselves have stated that there is no one perfect time to post on the site. Multiple time zones and a global user base that varies in habits from segmentation to segmentation make universal peaks hard to pin down.

However, your audience exists on a smaller scale as you presumably all have something in common whether that be interests, company or area. This makes it easier for you to target a specific time of day for attracting more shares and impressions on your articles.

Unlike company pages, personal LinkedIn profiles have limited analytics capability built-in but a little experimentation can give you a good indication of timing. Post consistently and change the time-slot every few days to determine when your audience is likely online.

2. Share with the right people

Your potential LinkedIn audience isn’t just on just one site. You should be utilising your other social media channels to promote your content on a wider scale and encourage readers back to your page.

Tweet links to new articles, share posts on Facebook and make use of Google+ if you have a network there. John White, Founder and CMO of Social Marketing Solutions, also recommends going straight to the source and catching the attention of LinkedIn’s staff with a direct tweet.

Tag their account when you share your post by adding “tip @LinkedInEditors” to your message. This can be the quickest route to having a featured post on the site and reaching outside your own network.

3. Try to start a conversation

Write with a view to getting a response and encourage comments and debate. Creating a buzz around what you write will not only drive page views but attract an audience that is relevant to your goals.

Editor-in-chief of LinkedIn Daniel Roth suggests that you use your expertise to focus on a niche of your profession, offer a perspective from your experiences or comment on a reactive trend or news piece to engage readers.

4. Keep it up

Building a following takes time. As is the way with social media, achieving the kind of visibility you want will either happen with an overnight fluke or through a gradual awareness of you in the community.

Try creating a regular posting schedule to ensure you remain present in the feeds of your followers and become a prominent content creator.


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