Five ways to stand out at your training firm

By Linda Orr, Curriculum Development Manager, PwC

22 March 2016

At PwC, all our people need to demonstrate the skills and behaviours that support us in delivering our business strategy. This is important to the work we do for our business, and to our clients.

We bring these skills and behaviours together in what we call the PwC professional global leadership framework, but they will apply just as well whichever firm you work for.

We focus on five core attributes – whole leadership, technical capabilities, business acumen, global acumen and relationships – and we use them to recruit, develop and assess our people, at all grades and all areas of our business.

These attributes matter because we expect all of our people to be leaders. Paying attention to them will help you to stand out from the crowd.

1. Be a leader

Be able to lead yourself and others, regardless of your grade, by making a real difference in the work you do. This means delivering results in a responsible, authentic, resilient, inclusive and passionate way.

Are you a leader? Ask yourself these questions to consider how you can better demonstrate this key skill in your role:

  • Do you learn from your opportunities and take the time to develop your personal approach to work?
  • Do you lead others to be the best they can be, whether you’re part of a team or leading one?
  • Do you act with integrity and uphold professional standards at all times?

2. Be business savvy

Bring business knowledge and awareness to your role, or, if you haven’t had the opportunity to build your experience, have a willingness to learn about business. Try to bring innovation and fresh thinking in order to create distinctive value for your business and clients.

Ask yourself these questions to know if you have you business acumen?

  • How do you keep up-to-date with business and industry trends?
  • Do you consider all facts and think broadly about data when making recommendations?
  • Do you see opportunities within changing business environments which can add value?

3. Develop and maintain technical excellence

In your role, you will be expected to apply a range of technical capabilities that deliver quality and value for your firm and clients.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you maintain professional standards and always produce high-quality work?
  • How do you build and maintain your technical expertise and knowledge?
  • Do you share your knowledge, to deliver insights, with others?

4. Build long-standing relationships

To stand out, you must be skilled at building relationships of high value which are genuine and rooted in trust.

To help you to build deep networks assess yourself against the following questions:

  • Do you communicate with confidence?
  • Do you build and maintain strong and authentic relationships, within your business network and develop new ones outside of it?
  • Are you passionate about providing exceptional services?

5. Take an interest in global issues

In a continually complex and changing world, you’ll need to operate and collaborate effectively, with a mindset that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries.

Use these questions to consider whether your horizons are wide enough:

  • Do you consider a broad range of perspectives in your thinking?
  • Do you embrace and see opportunity in change?
  • Can you bring fresh insights to your clients?

These key skills will mean different things to different people at different stages of their career but all of these attributes are central to helping you to be the very best that you can be in your role. Set yourself regular check points in the appraisal year to revaluate how you are doing in each area and what you can do to improve. Stand out at your training firm for all the right reasons.


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