Five tips for completing the business ethics assignment

The Business Ethics Assignment (BEA) is a home based essay and is a key aspect of your TPE studies.  Here are five tips to help you complete this assignment effectively.

What is the Business Ethics Assignment?

The Business Ethics Assignment is a case study which includes ethical issues for the characters involved. You’ll be asked to analyse and evaluate the ethical dilemma, and propose a course of action for the character(s) in the case.

1. Get the timing right

Most students find that they take about two hours to consider the dilemma and no more than two hours to write their response (including referring to their course notes for guidance).  We recommend that you read the case study first and then spend some time reflecting on it. This will give you time to think about and refine your answer rather than jumping in and writing your answer straight away.

2. Get some outside input if you can

You can discuss the assignment with others (e.g. other students, family and friends) as this can be a useful part of the process of contemplating an ethical dilemma. However it is important that you write your answer completely independently as you will be asked to certify that you have not used anyone else's work. Remember that copying someone else’s work isn’t allowed under any circumstances.

3. Consider the format you will use

With the BEA there is no prescribed format so we don’t require you to present your answer as a formal report - an essay style approach is acceptable. However, as with any piece of good business writing, you should use headings and sub-headings to enable the marker to follow a logical flow of ideas. Most importantly, your recommended course of action (i.e. the action you would take in these specific circumstances), should be made clear. We would recommend that you do this in a summary section at the end of your essay.

In your answer you’ll be discussing the nature of the dilemma and the course of action you would take. It isn’t necessary to carry out any additional research to support your assignment. However, if you do however want to include additional material such as the views others sourced from various publications you should ensure that these are clearly referenced these so that your views are easily distinguished from those of others.

4. Know what the markers are looking for

The markers will be looking for you to examine the ethical dilemmas thoroughly. This will involve applying the theories you learnt in class to analyse the dilemma. The markers will look for evidence that:

  • You have identified the relevant ethical dilemmas.
  • You have analysed each dilemma for the potential actions that you could take with reference to the ethical theories from Business Ethics 1.
  • You have considered the impact of each action or inaction on a variety of stakeholders.
  • You have made a recommendation of the action that you would take and can justify your answer to a point where you are happy that the dilemma has been resolved.

5. Get the basics right

Once you have completed your assignment, you’ll need to fill out the cover sheet which you can find here. Complete this and send it with your assignment to:

Business Ethics Administrator
CA House
21 Haymarket Yards
EH12 5BH

Please keep an electronic copy of your assignment until you we confirm that you have reached the required standard.

You can find out more about the Business Ethics Assignment here.


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