Five student tips for the new year

Learning tips for the new year
By Alex Burden, Student Blog

7 January 2019

As we ease into the new year, it’s all too easy for previous worries to resurface after the holidays. You may need to move away from a relaxation frame of mind, but there’s no need to reduce the chilled-out factor. Here are quick-fire tips for starting your year right and with success in mind.

5. Revisit the previous year

How do you feel that your studies and exam process went last year? Were there particular subjects that you found tricky, or perhaps it was difficult to juggle your work and study priorities? Make a note of what fazed you then think about what could be done to tackle your worries.

Start your year on a positive note; knowing what you will conquer with a little extra planning. If you pushed yourself too hard last year, then work out how to scale back and relieve the pressure.

4. Get a great organiser (or organising method!)

Get organisation skills on your side and become a Doctor Who wizard at manipulating timelines - whether it’s a device, an app, or a good old-fashioned notepad, look at carving it into three distinct timelines: work with your training firm, study and class time at ICAS, and your own personal downtime.

Balance your priorities to avoid burnout and work at a pace that suits you, and one that has a good grounding in reality. There’s little point writing up a 36-hour day minus sleeping and travel unless you plan to move the planet further away from the sun!

3. Get back to basics

Check out our Back to Basics series of additional notes – these are re-posted at key points throughout the year to coincide with classes, but you can access them at any time to brush up on the finer points of your qualification.

Our brains frequently work on reward systems, so start to recognise your own fantastic achievements.

2. Get an app to help you

We can all do with a little encouragement time-to-time, and if that happens to come in the form of a steps tracker or a productivity app, then so be it! There are apps for just about everything, so have a look for some that could help you take a quicker route to work, for instance, or help you plan your study goals.  

1. Choose your reward

You have months of work and study ahead of you – why not incentivise it? It might be something as small as a box of your favourite chocolate at the end of each month, or regularly putting money into a large purchase fund at the end of the year (game console / expensive attire / a trip away, for example).

Our brains frequently work on reward systems, so start to recognise your own fantastic achievements.


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