Five films for the festive season

Festive films
By Ellen Arnison and Alex Burden, Student Blog

10 December 2018

It’s the season of goodwill and peace to all people, but we also know it’s the season of snuggling on the sofa in a onesie with a box of sugar-overload and a good movie. Here’s our pick of films for festive trainee CAs looking to wind-down over the festive period.

5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

What happens when your expected Christmas bonus is cancelled? The Griswold's return in this festive caper, featuring disastrous Christmas tree farms, power-draining fairy lights, a nightmare visiting family, and crushed dreams of swimming pool construction when Clark Griswold's annual bonus fails to arrive. But does money really make for a meaningful Christmas?

4. Arthur Christmas

What if Santa ran Christmas Eve like a business? This fun 3D animation explores the high-tech supply and delivery operation of Father Christmas (Malcolm) and his family, including son Arthur Christmas, who answers letters. When Arthur realises there has a been a problem in distribution leaving a present behind, he takes to the skies with his grandad (the former Santa), who believes that the modernised system doesn't match up to old-fashioned delivery methods. The lions and slippers scene is worth it!

3. Scrooged

1988’s Scrooged with Bill Murray is a comedy classic, taking the Christmas Carol story into an 80s world of bitter TV executives and cigar-chomping, taxi-driving, violent, and downright bizarre ghosts of the past, present and future. We've never looked at golfers in quite the same way.

2. It’s A Wonderful Life

At its heart, this Christmas classic is all about money. Hero George Bailey runs a savings and loan business and tries to use money to good effect throughout his life. There’s a run on the bank and George is forced to use his savings to shore up his family business, but all seems lost when a large deposit goes missing. Cue a journey into a parallel world where the true value of money – and his own life - is discovered. It’s a heart-warming pile of festive feel-good too. Best served with mulled wine and mince pies.

1. A Christmas Carol

In Charles Dicken’s tale of miserliness and redemption, Ebenezer Scrooge is a money lender served by accounting clerk, Bob Cratchit; Scrooge hates Christmas and spends most of his Christmas Eve locked in a ghostly nightmare.

Many people think the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim is a work of perfection; blending humour, horror and nuanced performances.

If you need a bit more song in your life however, you can never go wrong with The Muppet Christmas Carol!


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