Five best countries to do a secondment

By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

24 August 2017

A recent report from HSBC and YouGov found the best places for UK expatriates to work abroad. If a secondment opportunity becomes available for you after qualification, will you consider one of these countries?

The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey polls over 25,000 UK professionals living and working overseas to measure a variety of cultural, economic and political factors to determine the best destinations for those expanding their career away from home.

For economics, including job security, work/life balance and disposable income, Switzerland was voted the best. New Zealand came out on top for the experience, comprising of property, safety and quality of life. For family life, Sweden placed first.

Now in its ninth year, the study ranks the following countries as the overall top five for 2017.

1. Singapore


Economics: 2nd

Experience: 4th

Family: 3rd

2. New Zealand

New Zealand

Economics: 15th

Experience: 1st

Family: 4th

3. Canada


Economics: 10th

Experience: 3rd

Family: 5th

4. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Economics: 12th

Experience: 8th

Family: 2nd

5. Switzerland


Economics: 1st

Experience: 17th

Family: 26th


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