Your first time at ICAS

Your first time at ICAS
By Student Blog

5 September 2016

You will have received your class information by email, including on where it is located, what time it starts and what your course timetable looks like. But what about all those little bits of information that could help make your first day run smoothly?  

Your class materials will be issued on the first day of each subject, so don’t worry about accessing them beforehand! We asked our tutors to think back to their own first day with ICAS for stellar advice that you won’t find in the official manuals.

Fiona Winter, Director of Development

I would recommend treating yourself to some nice new stationery!

Don’t worry if you feel daunted by the idea of attending TC classes for the first time; there’s lot of new things to take in and you certainly won’t be the only one feeling that way – even if others seem to hide it well!

Matthew Gorrie, tutor

My advice for the first day is mainly practical; make sure you have pencils, pens, writing paper, a ruler and a scientific (non-graphic) calculator.

As the air conditioning can vary in venues make sure you have layers (like hoodies) that you can take them on or off.

Alongside this make sure you talk to the other people in the class (not just those in your firm) and your tutor. You’ll often find yourself in the same classes as many of these people, so getting to know your classmates and tutors will make the next few years much easier and more fun!

Jennifer Cloke, tutor

Your first day at ICAS can be very nerve-wracking as it’s difficult to know what to expect, although make sure that read all the pre-course instructions as these definitely help! 

Give yourself plenty of time to get to your venue so that you don’t have to rush and turn up all flustered, and make sure you’re prepared the night before with the usual kit: paper, pens and a calculator – we don’t just want you to sit and listen; we want you to join in!  

This is probably your first opportunity to meet CA Students from other firms and will be a great bonding experience with students and colleagues as you work through the first stage of your ICAS exams, so make the most of it.

You won't need this much stationery!

Kit Millar, tutor

Students who are sitting TC may be coming to us from graduating from university, having studied one main subject for four years. They then go to TC where it’s all brand new – and it’s like the first day of high school! You have to make new friends, figure out where to sit, plus learn a whole bunch of new information that you’ve never seen before.

Honestly, before you know it, the materials you learned on that first day will be second nature to you! When you are working through questions share knowledge / ask other students and the tutor for help.

I remember going home from my first day and saying to my mum I’d made a terrible life choice and that accounting was the hardest thing ever! Luckily, after putting in the homework hours, by the end of the first week of class I was already feeling that it was manageable and it was the right decision after all.  

You can also read and bookmark our in-depth welcome guide with a special video from the 2015 One Young CA winner, Indy Hothi.

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