Education: Commitment to our customers

Our vision

Our purpose is to create an environment that supports, facilitates and enhances the learning, business and community activities of all of our clients.

We do this through a series of values that underpin our activities:

  • Customer Focus - We are committed to providing an excellent customer service experience.
  • Respect - We treat our customers fairly and with courtesy, ensuring equality of opportunity for all.
  • Honesty - We act with integrity and communicate openly and effectively.
  • Continuous Improvement - We are innovative and aim for continuous improvement in all we do.
  • Teamwork - We proactively engage with our firms, students and our partners to add value to all of our teaching and learning.
  • Listen - We actively seek feedback and ideas to develop and review our services.

Our commitment to you

  • We will support your studies by providing and maintaining appropriate services, resources and facilities.
  • We will communicate with you in a clear, timely and accurate manner.
  • We will meet your expectations wherever possible, and will explain when we cannot.
  • We will deal with you as an individual and ensure that you are treated fairly and equally.
  • We will measure our performance against a full range of service standards.

Your commitment to us

  • Behave in a manner that is safe and responsible and shows respect for ICAS team members and your fellow students.
  • Make every effort to work together with other students and tutors, and make a positive contribution to the creation of a supportive learning community.
  • Comply with ICAS regulations and codes.
  • Show personal commitment to your course by:
    • Giving time and effort to your studies, making every effort to meet assessment requirements
    • Attending all the required activities and letting ICAS know if you will be absent for any reason.
    • Making the most of all of the learning resources and facilities available to you.

Are we meeting your expectations?

You should expect the best - let us know when we don't reach the standards we have promised. We welcome your comments and feedback

If you think we have not delivered on any of the above, please contact us and let us know - contact


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