Countdown to Admission Ceremony 2016

ICAS Admission Ceremony

This year’s ICAS Admission Ceremony is only a couple of weeks away and preparations are already well underway.

Most of the #ICASclassof2016 have already secured their places at the event on 19 March in Edinburgh. However, if you haven’t there’s still time but you must book by Friday, 4 March.

The event marks at least three years of serious study and commitment by those of you who are preparing to become fully qualified CAs. It’s also about welcoming the next generation of CAs into ICAS.

Fiona Winter, Director of Education, said: “One of my favourite days in the ICAS calendar is the annual Admission Ceremony. This is a big day when student members finally become CAs after all their hard work.

“For those of you reaching the end of your training contracts, I’d strongly encourage you to attend this ceremony. It gives you, and the people who have supported you along the way, a real chance to stand back and take stock of everything you have achieved.”

Those who can’t be there on the day, or friends and family of participants, can follow the ceremony on the live feed.

This is a big day when student members finally become CAs after all their hard work

At the ceremony, new CAs and their guests will hear inspiring speeches from, among others, ICAS chief executive Anton Colella.

Inspiration and celebration are never far from the proceedings, however, students will also learn about the honour and responsibility that come with joining ICAS. As part of the ceremony, they will take an ethical oath emphasising their professional commitment.

For ICAS’s part, new CAs will discover the many benefits to membership from professional development opportunities to networking events.

We encourage you to use the #ICASclassof2016 hashtag on social media. To book your ticket or find out more go here.


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