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Sarah Merrett loves seeing bookkeeping ‘click’ for students

Sarah Merrett is a tutor in the Bristol office of BPP who mainly teaches bookkeeping and financial reporting (FR). Until last year she was subject manager for the ICAS financial accounting (FA) paper for BPP then she moved to FR. She works with the ICAS subject controller to ensure all information about the course is shared with the BPP tutors.

“In this role I ensure that ICAS FR is delivered consistently across all of BPP, no matter which centre the student is being taught from,” she said.

Sarah became a tutor for BPP after she realised that she enjoyed helping out the trainees in her mid-tier firm more than she liked managing audits.

Have trust in your tutors

“My high point of teaching is being able to find a way to explain something to students that they thought was difficult in such a way that they then get. I also really enjoy seeing students after their exams – when they’ve passed them,” she said. “Teaching bookkeeping can be a real challenge as, at first, it doesn’t seem logical and students find that tough. If anyone is struggling, I promise, it will click.”

This echoes her advice to students. “Practice questions, then practice some more questions.

“And, it may sound silly but trust your tutors – we know what we’re doing as we’re been through this as students ourselves and with other classes before.”

Sarah graduated from Liverpool University before her move to a firm Bristol – somewhere she hadn’t visited before her job interview.

There she qualified with the ICAEW and enjoyed working with the wide variety of clients from small owner-manager businesses who came in with hand-written books and records and a box of receipts, up to listed companies with foreign subsidiaries.

She finds teaching a rewarding career, but she’s still determined to keep on developing. She said: Last year I enrolled on the PGCPE – a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Education.  This has been hard work but incredibly interesting to learn about the theory of teaching and find ways to improve my teaching and the learning experience for my students.”

There are some ambitions she still harbours. “My dream job would be an astronaut, and I would still love to go into space!”


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