Become an ICAS Tax Professional

The ICAS Tax Professional (ITP) qualification has been created to meet the changing demands and needs of employers and students in the field of taxation. 

Both the structure and the syllabus content have been developed in consultation with tax practices, with the key aim of providing the relevant tax skills and knowledge required of a tax professional working in a varied client environment. Completion of the qualification will lead to the award of the designatory letters 'ITP'.

Develop your tax career

ITP is relevant for:

  • tax professionals developing their knowledge and skills in the initial stages of their tax career
  • those who have been working in tax for some time and wish to consolidate their knowledge and skills. 

ITP is supported by tax publishing and training experts Tolley. This builds on the key strengths of ICAS in developing highly regarded qualifications, which are relevant to the market, and on Tolley's excellent reputation for tax training.

Become an ICAS Tax Professional

Register your interest

Once you have expressed your interest in becoming an ITP, we'll be in touch to guide you through your options.

Studying for ITP

We appreciate that your choice of study route can be influenced by a number of factors and have therefore designed a variety of programmes to fit in with your lifestyle, career and budget.

You can find out more about the options on each of the documents below:

Level 1 Guidance PDF [152 KB]

Level 2 Guidance PDF [418 KB]

Enrolling as a student

It is quick and easy to enroll as an ITP student. You should complete the enrolment form, and the exemption form if you believe that you have prior learning that may exempt you from one or more subjects.

Enrolment checklist:

Enrolment form  PDF [206 KB]

Exemption form PDF [187 KB] (if applicable)

Payment details for fees 

Please return to: ITP Administrator, CA Education, CA House, 21 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh EH12 5BH.


Qualified CAs and ACAs are exempt from Level 1 and Level 3 of the examinations. Qualified ACCAs are exempt from Level 1.

Other exemptions are available depending on the date of completion and the syllabus coverage. These may be from a whole level of the qualification or from an individual subject.

Please complete the exemptions form upon application.  If you would like to discuss what exemptions might be available please contact us at

Fee schedule

The following fees will apply to the qualification. These prices are accurate for 2017.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Fee Schedule 2017
Registration for qualification (ICAS members)£113
Registration for qualification (others)£170
Level 1 - classroom tuition - Principles of Tax£463
Level 1 - classroom tuition - Financial Accounting£760
Level 1 - online course - Business Law£422
Level 1 - correspondence course (per subject)£295
Level 1 - examination fee (per subject)£81
Level 2 - ITP online (per subject)£405
Level 2 - ITP classroom - Taxation of Individuals£1,695
Level 2 - ITP live - Taxation of Individuals£870
Level 2 - ITP classroom - Taxation of Comapnies£1,360
Level 2 - ITP live - Taxation of Companies£820
Level 2 - ITP classroom - Indirect Taxation£1,360
Level 2 - ITP live - Indirect Taxation£820
Level 2 - examination fee (per subject)£146
Level 3 - online course£770
Level 3 - examination fee£292


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