Student announcement: Potential travel disruption on 23 May

By ICAS Education Team

23 May 2017

Students travelling in the Manchester area are likely to face disruption during travel to and from examination centres and classes on Tuesday 23 May.

Please therefore ensure that you leave sufficient time for your journey, and have a suitable contingency plan in place.

Local media outlets are scheduled to provide regular updates on disruptions and / or problems on local travel networks and we would ask that all students check local media for details.

You will find up to date information which could assist your travel plans on the following webpages:

ICAS will continue to operate all venues as normal unless a specific announcement is made on the ICAS website and / or local radio.

Should you think that you will have difficulty getting to the examination venue please contact the exams department or student services on 0131 347 0191 or and 0131 347 0192

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