Your achievement logs shouldn’t be a slog!

FAQ on achievement logs
By Matthew Hall, Achievement Logs Manager

13 August 2018

All students have to complete an online achievement log to accurately record their practical experience but it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Our achievement logs manager, Matt Hall, deals with the most commonly asked questions from students so you submit your achievement log in record time.

I haven’t really thought about my achievement log, surely I can just deal with it later?

It is a condition of your training contract that you keep your achievement log up-to-date and have it signed off by your employer on (at least) an annual basis.

If you don’t keep this updated it can cause you considerable problems; you may be unable to sit the next level of exams, you might get a fine or you might have to extend your training contract even if you’ve passed all your exams.

The end of your training contract might seem ages away but don’t leave it till the last minute!

I’ve just completed the second year of my training contract and had it signed off by my employer, how do I submit it to ICAS?

Once your employer has signed off the second year of your training contract, ICAS is automatically notified. There’s no need for you to do anything else.

My second year achievement log has been deferred by ICAS, how do I resubmit to clear the points?

Your achievement log may be reviewed by ICAS after you have completed the second year to check you’ve been doing everything correct to date. The main point of the review is to alert you to anything that might cause your achievement log to be deferred at the end of your final year.

This will allow you to make the necessary changes and get your achievement log approved as quickly, and simply, as possible at the end of your final year.

You must clear any second year review points by the end of your final year, but unless you have been asked specifically to do so by a reviewer there is no need to resubmit at the end of your second year.

When clearing your review points remember that the “help” section of the achievement logs website itself includes all the most commonly asked questions.

I’ve had my final year achievement log deferred by ICAS and have made the necessary changes. When will ICAS review it?

If you have cleared review points from your final year review the system does not automatically notify us, so please email to let us know.

I’ve had a final year review and ICAS have deferred some competencies, do ICAS re-approve them?

If you have had any competencies deferred you must make the necessary changes, re-submit them to your employer and get your employer to re-approve before you let ICAS know that your achievement log is ready for re-review.

ICAS cannot re-review achievement logs if there are any competencies which are still showing as ‘deferred’, ‘waiting for approval’ or are blank.

There have been some changes during my training contract, do I have to let ICAS know?

If something happens during your training contract period, for example, if you take maternity leave or have a leave of absence, it is extremely important that you let ICAS know as soon as possible. Leaving things late can cause you problems in the future, so solve it with a quick email.

For further guidance why not have a look at some of the key do and do nots of achievement logs.


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