5 CA-themed blogs to follow

By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

6 April 2017

Blogs can be a great source of news, insight and opinion on the topics of the day, and provide a fitting companion to your future CA role. Read our picks for the best blogs that CA students should follow.

1. Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

Mike "Mish" Shedlock is an Investment Advisor with Sitka Pacific Capital Management, an asset management firm based in the US. His blog offers a macro analysis and commentary on issues that have an impact on the global economy, particularly politics.

Mish generally updates on a daily basis with his views on economic trends. The blog has been recognised by the New York Times, Time Magazine and Bloomberg as one of the best financial opinion outlets to follow.

2. HfM Tax

Produced by City accountancy firm HfM Tax, this blog features the latest updates in the profession alongside career advice and entertaining content from around the financial sector in a modern, easy-to-read format.

The blog was recently recognised as one of the global 100 Top Tax Blogs worldwide by Feedspot. There are fairly regular updates and always when there's something to talk about.

3. Project Resource

A professional recruitment firm, Project Resource use their blog to push out career advice and business lifestyle articles. While some content is specific to the construction and infrastructure industries, the vast majority has relevance across the business sector.

There are weekly blog posts that generally cover tips for hiring, job searches and industry trends.

4. What Goes Around

Largely a personal blog from Doug Shaw, Founder of consultancy practice What Goes Around, this source presents an introspective look at everyday life while also assessing the many challenges of entrepreneurship.

With advice and 'cautionary' tales for business, including how to react when you encounter roadblocks and best approaches for working well with others, Doug offers an example of how your career can inform and enrich your life.

5. The CA Student Blog (of course!)

Hopefully, the fact you're reading this means you keep on top of our updates here on the CA Student Blog!

We aim to bring you practical advice, engaging news and the materials you need to succeed in class in a neat, innovative digital package. The blog updates twice a week and features articles on the daily CA Today email.

If you have any ideas for the blog or if there is anything you would like to see us do more of, feel free to get in touch or tweet us @ICAS_Students.


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