Can train, will train: removing the myths around CA training

Myths and perceptions about training

Are you hesitant to take the next step towards become an official CA training office? Unsure if your company is eligible or if it can be adequately supported? We explode the myths around training a CA, and explain why this route is open to more businesses than you might think.

1. Myth: It's expensive 

Reality: It can work out as little as a total of £6,250 to train a CA. Great value when it allows companies to attract the best graduates who will go on to be an asset to the company for years to come.

2. Myth: Students are out of the office and in class all the time

Reality: ICAS has recently adopted a programme of blended learning that allows greater flexibility as to when students are required in class. It is now possible for students to attend block training for a total of 13 weeks spread across their three-year training contract: this is less than 23 days per year. ICAS has also now introduced weekend classes which will allow students to attend class in their own time!

3. Myth: It's only for accounting firms

Reality: There are now almost a dozen financial services organisations who have integrated the CA qualification in their graduate schemes - RBS, Standard Life and Lloyds to name a few. There are training firms in the public sector (Audit Scotland), construction (Robertson Group), energy (Scottish and Southern Energy), and transport (Stagecoach Group). The organisations training CAs are becoming more diverse as more organisations see value in training CAs.

4. Myth: It's only offered in Scotland

Reality: Most of the CA student intake is based in England with several major organisations choosing to exclusively train their accountancy graduates UK-wide with ICAS. Unlike other accountancy bodies, ICAS is able to offer a one-stop shop training solution where we design, deliver and examine the qualification. This means greater consistency and one point of contact for companies.

5. Myth: It's only offered by large organisations

Reality: The companies offering CA training across the UK are diverse in both their size and background. From one partner accountancy firms to niche start-up companies – whatever the size, they recognise that training a CA is a valuable cost-efficient way to upgrade their accounting and business capabilities.


An ICAS Authorised Training Office (ATO) is an organisation that has been authorised by ICAS to provide the CA qualification. Whether you’re in practice, industry or public sector, register your interest today or get in touch for a chat about the options available to you.


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