Young Leaders Summit Ideas Exchange: Generational knowledge sharing

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31 August 2017

Have you experienced knowledge-sharing between generations in the workplace or at networking events? Learning about previous experiences and solutions is an essential component of becoming a leader, but choosing the right approach can be tricky.  

It is decidedly easier to gain technical experience over intergenerational knowledge, as Kate Robertson, founder of One Young World explains in the Young Leaders Summit Ideas Exchange (below), but that needs to change for the leaders of tomorrow. 

Listen to Kate and Indy Hothi CA discuss options for gaining this knowledge and how to take advantage of unique opportunities that may present themselves, including  "organic business networks".


The ICAS Young Leaders Summit will be a highly practical, interactive event designed to hone the skills of the next generation of business leaders. It will provide you with the unique opportunity to learn from your peers and other CAs.

Join us for this exclusive networking opportunity for CA Young Leaders on 14 Sept. The Young Leaders Summit will be held in the stunning Leadenhall Building, otherwise known as 'The Cheesegrater', in London. Enjoy fascinating keynote speakers and intergenerational learning at this unique opportunity for CAs.

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