Working Together going digital

By Susan Cattell, ICAS Head of Taxation, England and Wales

7 July 2015

HMRC announces plans to move its local Working Together meetings to digital.

HMRC has announced that it will move traditional face-to-face local Working Together meetings to a digital platform.

HMRC has produced a Communications Pack for agents which explains the rationale behind the move, HMRC's conversations with agents and the plan to transform Working Together.

Recognising that agents want a regional framework with a named contact, HMRC will develop:

  • A number of regions with a named, dedicated contact in HMRC
  • A rolling programme of digital meetings with each region taking responsibility to host.

The digital meetings will:

  • Be jointly hosted by HMRC and agents
  • Have standard agendas to update WT issues plus other items which agents and HMRC jointly agree should be included
  • Enable regions to discuss specific issues or topics with a subject matter expert joining
  • Be open to all agents.

Agents will be able to join all WT meetings during the year or just those hosted by their region.

Face-to-face meetings will still be held where there is a need, for example in the case of workshops relevant to business issues and the agent strategy. HMRC will also look for opportunities to support agent-sponsored events.

HMRC will also be looking at other opportunities for digital engagement, such as: online formal or informal forum sessions; using social media channels like LinkedIn; using webchat; and developing SMART questions to help direct agents to the right service, or to self-serve on

HMRC is inviting email feedback and questions with the subject heading 'WT in a digital age'.


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