Work from home option grows in popularity

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By Robert Outram, The CA magazine

1 March 2016

Homeworking is becoming a more popular option with accounting and finance professionals, a study finds.

A survey of UK professionals has found that 46% would like the opportunity to work from home at least part of the time, compared with 20% who preferred an office location.

The Talent Trends Survey for Q1 2016 also found that men are more likely to be offered the chance to work from home, with 54% of men reporting this option being offered to them, as opposed to 37% of the women polled.

Accounting and finance is one of the sectors most likely to endorse home-working, the survey for recruitment firm Hudson found, with 60% saying they had the chance to work from home. Only IT, legal and marketing and communications specialists were more likely to have this option.

Accountants felt, however, that line management in their sector was less supportive of working from home (38% in contrast to the UK average) and 44% said their perception was that “C-suite” directors, such as CF0s, supported homeworking (UK average: 94%).

For professional staff generally, the primary appeal of homeworking was cutting out the daily commute (selected by 61%). For staff in accountancy and finance, the main concerns around homeworking were:

  • Quality of relationships 39%
  • Not maintaining productivity 37%
  • Lack of social communications 34%
  • Incurring additional costs (electricity) 19%
  • Loneliness 26%

There was also a disconnect in the concerns men and women (across all sectors) felt about the downsides of working from home. Four in 10 women (40%) said “loneliness” would be the main problem, while “not maintaining the quality of my work” (16%) and “incurring extra costs” (16%) were the main issues for men.

The poll also found that 37% of accounting and finance professionals have been approached by recruiters/employers about a new job in the last six months (survey average: 45%). Just fewer than 10% (UK average: 13%) said they were actively looking for a new job.


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