Women's pay still lags behind men's

6 February 2015

Female management consultants earn less than their male counterparts, but at senior levels they are likely to earn higher levels of performance-related pay. 

The findings come from a study of London-based consultants carried out by salary benchmarking site Emolument.

The researchers suggest one reason for the gap in salaries is that, proportionately, more men work for "top tier" firms such as Main and McKinsey, where basic pay is higher. At senior consultant level (with nine years' experience, or more) however, performance-related pay was 35 percent higher for women.

Emolument CEO Thomas Drewry commented: "From the outset of their career, women do not aim for the top firms, unlike their male counterparts. If they did so more consistently, it would be very interesting to see just how much more they could earn when they reach senior manager levels."

Management pay
LevelBase Salary Bonus 
Senior Manager£100k£85k£10k£13.5k


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