Bruce Cartwright CA: Why ICAS is talking about pensions

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There are big issues with pensions that society needs to address at a macro and micro level.

How do we pay for them? How much should we have when we retire? Are employees satisfied that their money is invested in the right place to get the best return? Are they content that they are getting value from their scheme, and what is a fair pension cost?

A number of issues affect the whole of society, and pensions is one of them.

Individuals contribute to their pension funds, employers contribute too, but are we delivering a solution that will bring economic protection as we get older and balance the generational needs fairly?

Bruce Cartwright, ICAS CEO believes that we need to challenge current thinking on this. Fundamental challenges face the pensions industry which he believes are not being addressed.

Watch Bruce share his thoughts on some of the big issues that need to be addressed.


The Challenging Conversation on pensions has already begun.

ICAS President, Sir Brian Souter, started the first debate, which focuses on pensions, by demanding to know when we’ll address the significant and prolonged challenges in the pensions industry that he believes limit enterprise, demotivate the younger generation and prevent optimal retirement outcomes for many.

Introducing your ICAS Pension Experts

Christine Scott (left) is Head of Charities and Pensions and has been responsible for running the ICAS Pensions Panel, along with its Chair, John Moffat CA, for over six years.

The Pensions Panel leads ICAS policy and technical work on pensions. The Panel has engaged with government and regulators over the years, on a wide range of pension related issues from proposals to reform pensions taxation to the freedom and choice reforms and more recently proposals for reforming defined benefit schemes, where further reforms are anticipated following March’s White Paper.

Find out ICAS’ view on the latest consultation responses.

Christine was a key commentator on the potential implications of Scottish independence on pensions and is also leading ICAS efforts to push for changes to the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme so that participating charity employers can manage their pension liabilities sustainably.


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