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By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

25 May 2016

Rolls Royce Group has topped a list of the most 'attractive' large employers in the UK, winning the Global Randstad Award 2016.

British Airways and Marks & Spencer came second and third respectively, with PwC making it to number 10 on the list of 20 companies.

Keeping in line with the winner of the company list, the automotive and aerospace sector was named the most sought after sector to work in, followed by pharma life sciences and electronic engineering.

Top 10 'most attractive' UK employers
1. Rolls Royce Group
2. British Airways
3. Marks & Spencers
4. BMW
5. Jaguar Land Rover
6. Boots
7. BAE Systems
8. Mondelez International 
9. Virgin Media
10. PwC

Source: Ranstad

The Randstad Award focuses on company branding and how that branding appeals to potential employees.

Randstad CEO, Jacques van den Broek, said: “In the UK, it’s clear that the winner of the Randstad Award, the Rolls Royce Group, has an almost timeless appeal and a brand that is rooted in the country’s heritage and national identity. Much the same could be said of British Airways and M&S.”

Randstad also carried out research on employee/employer 'disconnect' in the UK. Salary and employee benefits is ranked the number one priority for job seekers, but is seen as the fifth most important factor for large UK employers.

Jacques said that what they found displays a “disconnect between what prospective employees look for in an employer and what they perceive the biggest employers to offer".

Top 10 factors prospective UK employees seek Factors UK employers score best on
1. Salary and employee benefits 1. Financial health
2. Long-term job security 2. Strong management
3. Pleasant working atmosphere 3. Good training
4. Good work/life balance  4. Career progression opportunities
5. Interesting job content 5. Salary and employee benefits 
6. Good training  6. Long-term job security
7. Career progression opportunities 7. Interesting job content
8. Financial health 8. Pleasant working atmosphere
9. Strong management 9. Environmentally/socially aware
10.Environmentally/socially aware 10.Good work/life balance

Source: Randstad

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