91% of UK's fastest growing businesses oppose 'Brexit'

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By Isabelle Bell

29 September 2015

Over 91 per cent of the UK's fastest-growing businesses and entrepreneurs want Britain to stay in the EU, according to a recent survey.

The ECI Growth Survey, which researched more than 300 high-growth businesses, also found that the strength of the British pound is perceived as the number one barrier to growing exports.

Businesses in the healthcare and technology, media and telecommunications sectors recorded the highest level of support for Britain staying in the EU.

In contrast, the industrial sector showed the highest levels of support for Britain leaving the EU (23 per cent), with 18 per cent of firms saying an exit would have a "positive impact on their business".

The survey also highlighted regional differences in the results. Scotland and the North East recorded the highest levels of support for Britain leaving the EU (20 and 16 per cent respectively), compared with just four per cent of firms in London.

Skills shortage woes

The skills shortage was another key issue highlighted by the survey, with 94 per cent of firms in London and 91 per cent of firms overall saying they are experiencing difficulty recruiting the right staff. 

This finding corresponds with a recent survey conducted by The CA magazine, which found that the skills shortage is a key issue for UK Finance Directors.

Workers with IT and technology skills are in the highest demand, with almost half (49 per cent) of businesses reporting a skills shortage in this area.


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