Tutor Rachel says ICAS job is top class

By ICAS Editorial team

28 January 2015

ICAS tutor Rachel Norman explains why teaching at ICAS is such a great opportunity.

Within ICAS, the CA Education division is responsible for all elements of a student's journey, through the CA qualification to membership. It comprises a director group, a tutor team and the operations/exams team. Staff are based at offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

The CA qualification may have a long history, but things don't stay still in the division. The team recently worked to gain accreditation of the qualification on the SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework), and have worked to launch a new qualification - the ICAS Tax Professional - and new routes to membership.

We spoke to Rachel Norman, one of the tutors in the team, to find out the 10 best things about being an ICAS lecturer and why she enjoys it so much.

1. Student successes

"It feels really rewarding when a student passes their exams, especially where they needed a little help and encouragement along the way. The CA exams require a lot of work and seeing students admitted to membership and going on to achieve great things is fantastic."

2. Variety

"There is always something new going on in the department, whether changes to the existing courses (such as the recent move of parts of the Business Ethics course online), or the launch of something entirely new like our tax qualification or Professional Entry route."

3. Travel

"ICAS lecturers teach in venues across Scotland, as well as in London and Jersey.  Not only does this mean we get to meet a larger number of students, but it also means we get a chance to spend time in other cities, enjoying the sites when we are not teaching."

4. Networking

"The lecturers are in constant close contact with students and other members from their firms. This lets us build a large network of contacts and professional relationships across the profession."

5. Technical knowledge

"We have to stay up to date with the latest developments in regulation and the wider business environment – this gives us a broad and current understanding of the profession and the big issues which are affecting it."

6. Team

"The staff in the Education division of ICAS are great, and there is always peer support to help with new things or when activity needs to be shared around the team.  They are sociable people to work with - it is a lot of fun working in the department, even when things are really busy!"

7. Working for ICAS

"The ICAS name is so well known in the business community, and there is a sense of pride in belonging to such a well-respected institute."

8. Confidence

"Being in charge of a classroom is a real learning curve to start with, as no two lecturers will teach exactly the same way.  Being able to manage a variety of audiences means we are all confident presenters who are happy to meet and present to different groups of individuals."

9. Work/life balance

"As our lecturing timetable is planned months in advance, we know when we will be away teaching. This means it's much easier to plan evenings and weekends around teaching commitments than it often is when working in practice."

10. Every day is different

You never quite know what the day ahead has to offer and there is usually a funny moment to make the day memorable!"


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