Top 10 US employers with awesome staff perks

By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

3 May 2017

What do you find more appealing: health care coverage or free food? Feedback from employees in the US has identified the most valued staff benefits and perks.

Glassdoor Benefits Reviews was launched in 2014 as a tool to help job seekers identify the companies with an offering most suited to their needs.

Since then, these 10 companies have come out on top for offering the most popular employee incentives.

10. Swiss Re

Top Benefit/Perk: Flexible working

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.3

Swiss Re's 'Own the Way You Work' programme promotes non-traditional, flexible working models as a valid option for all their staff.

9. In-N-Out

Top Benefit/Perk: Free food

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.3

Employees at In-N-Out are entitled to help themselves to a free Double-Double burger and fries on every shift they work.

8. Starbucks

Top Benefit/Perk: Tuition fees

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.3

Starbucks staff can complete an online bachelor's degree with Arizona State University and be completely reimbursed for all tuition costs by their employer.

7. Southwest Airlines

Top Benefit/Perk: Personal assistance

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.4

Access to employee assistance programme Clear Skies provides benefits including counselling and legal advice to employees of Southwest and their dependents.


Top Benefit/Perk: Strong 401k

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.4

USAA offers one of the best-rated 401k plans in the US. The company has an 8% matching policy, well above the 6% national average.


Top Benefit/Perk: Paid parental leave

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.4

Provided you have been with IKEA or a minimum of a year, both full and part-time workers are entitled to up to four months of paid parental leave.

4. Microsoft

Top Benefit/Perk: Fitness programme

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.4

Microsoft staff have an annual $800 allowance to fund gym memberships and other fitness classes though their 'StayFit' programme.

3. Eventbrite

Top Benefit/Perk: Wellness stipend

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.6

Employees of Eventbrite are given $60 a month toward wellness items and activities like yoga and juice cleanse, all at company expense.

2. Bain & Company

Top Benefit/Perk: Soccer tournament

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.7

Bain & Company, which was also voted the Best Place to Work 2017, holds the 'Bain World Cup', an annual three-day soccer tournament open to all employees.

1. Facebook

Top Benefit/Perk: Free housing

Total Glassdoor Benefits Rating: 4.7

Interns at Facebook are offered one of the most competitive benefits packages on the market with health care coverage, free housing and, for some, a monthly income of over $7,000.


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