Hove Sweet Hove: Top 10 postcodes for young professionals

Hove houses
By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

25 April 2017

The seaside and the City are common themes in the most popular property hotspots for young professionals, according to research by Lloyds Bank.

Hove has topped the list of postcodes coveted by young professionals in England and Wales for the third year in a row. The average house price in the local area is £380,326, saving buyers around £31,839 when compared to the property prices in the closest city.

Hampstead is the most expensive of the boroughs on the list with the average house costing £1,352,836 (including a £307,775 premium on typical prices in the surrounding area).

Andrew Mason, Lloyds Bank Mortgage Products Director said: "Aspiring young professionals are typically well qualified, in well-paid jobs and tend to live in areas not far from the city centre where they work.

"These are also places where they can enjoy easy access to green space and a range of places to socialise. These buyers also don’t appear to be put off by the significant premium in price to live in areas popular with young professionals."

(Source: Lloyds Bank)

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