Tony Nicholl named new chair of CCAB

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10 July 2015

Chartered Accountants Ireland President Tony Nicholl FCA succeeds former ICAS President Jann Brown CA as chair of the CCAB.

Tony Nicholl FCA has been appointed as the new Chairman of CCAB – the combined group of the main UK accountancy bodies, which represents more than 354,000 professional accountants worldwide.

Tony is the President of Chartered Accountants Ireland and Managing Partner of GMcG Chartered Accountants Group. He is a highly experienced forensic accountant and expert witness with more than 20 years' experience gained in some of the largest commercial, matrimonial and personal injury cases in Northern Ireland. He is also past Chairman of Chartered Accountants Ulster Society.

Tony takes over as CCAB Chairman from Jann Brown CA, immediate Past-President of ICAS.

Commenting on his chairmanship, Tony said: "CCAB's focus in the year ahead is to support growth, encourage financial stability and transparency as well as promoting trust in the profession and demonstrating the value that professional accountants bring to the economies of the UK and Ireland.

"We will also examine the role of the EU in supporting the business agenda and its influence on the UK and Irish economies in particular. We will be engaging with our membership of business leaders throughout the UK and those based in Europe. We will get their views on how the European Union can work more effectively as a single market and achieve greater benefits for all of its member nations and citizens. These are important questions to consider as the UK prepares for the upcoming referendum on Europe.

"CCAB will also direct considerable effort into tackling the problem of money laundering by encouraging a joined-up approach between policy makers, business and other authorities such as the police. This type of crime can only be solved through co-ordination, communication and collaboration. We believe that professional accountants are the gatekeepers of the financial system and we will work with government to strengthen the regime to confront money laundering."

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