Three inspiring TED Talks for entrepreneurs

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By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

5 April 2017

TED Talks feature some of the best and brightest speakers from the worlds of business, academia and beyond. Here’s our pick for entrepreneurial CAs looking for success.

1. Two reasons companies fail — and how to avoid them

Business strategist Knut Haanaes outlines the importance of continuing to innovate and seek new challenges, even after your business has become successful.

He points to two of the major strategy pitfalls that can become a stumbling block for companies that struggle to remain impactful over time.

2. The single biggest reason why startups succeed

Founder of startup studio Idealab and self-styled 'idea guy', Bill Gross, gathered data from hundreds of businesses to determine what key factor makes the difference between success and failure.

Even he was surprised by the answer his research revealed.

3. Success is a continuous journey

Researcher and analyst Richard St John has more than a decade of experience interviewing successful people and attempting to distill the secrets of their rise to the top.

Detailing the rise and fall of his own business in this video, Richard has one key message: when we stop trying, we fail.

Do you have a favourite TED talk to share with fellow CAs? Tell us in the comments below.


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