The top countries where professionals are moving for work

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By Isabelle Bell

20 August 2015

The United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia have topped a study of the countries where professionals are migrating for work.

The UK, India and France are among the top countries that professionals are leaving to pursue new opportunities.

The LinkedIn study analysed changes to members' profiles to determine the countries that saw the most migration activity in 2014 – which researchers believe gives potential indications of future economic performance.

The United Arab Emirates saw the highest net gain of professional migration (1.89 per cent) and was a top destination for professionals from the UK, India, Pakistan and the USA.

Accountants are one of the most common occupations moving to the Gulf country, with corporate finance specialists, marketing specialists and project managers among the other top professions.

Countries professionals are moving to:

  1. UAE: 1.89%
  2. Switzerland: 0.90%
  3. Saudi Arabia: 0.85%
  4. Singapore: 0.47%
  5. Germany: 0.44%
  6. South Africa: 0.26%
  7. Ireland: 0.18%
  8. Australia: 0.17%
  9. Canada: 0.16%
  10. Brazil: 0.05%
  11. Mexico: 0.02%
  12. Belgium: 0.01%

Countries professionals are leaving:

  1. India: -0.23%
  2. France: -0.20%
  3. Italy: -0.19%
  4. Spain: -0.18%
  5. UK: -0.12%
  6. China: -0.08%
  7. United States: -0.06%
  8. Netherlands: -0.02%

Ireland saw a modest net gain in professional migration (0.18 per cent), with a third of professionals moving there to work in the technology industry, from countries including the UK, the USA, Brazil and Spain.

The study also found that nearly 40 per cent of professionals who left India – which saw the highest net migration loss (-0.23%) – moved to the United States. Nearly half of all LinkedIn members who left India in 2014 worked for technology firms.

Sohan Murthy from LinkedIn said: "It's not every day that professionals decide to leave their country to pursue a new opportunity, but understanding more about those that do can tell us a lot about the health and vibrancy of our increasingly global economy."

Source: LinkedIn

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