The Top 100 Young CAs: Part 4

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By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

1 June 2018

We delve deeper into some of the profiles of our Top 100 Young CAs 2018, announced in association with Investec Click & Invest. Find out why these Young CAs made the list.

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David Samborek CADavid Samborek CA

Audit Manager, Campbell Dallas


From his nomination: "David is a highly regarded and integral part of the audit team. He has a good manner with clients and has received much positive feedback on assignments. David particularly impressed when he took on the Audit Manager role for our firm’s biggest client."

Michael Scott CAMichael Scott CA

Accounts Senior and Supervisor, EQ Accountants


From his nomination: "Michael's drive and leadership skills are evident in his commitment to both is own work and his team’s success. He has a keen interest in innovative and inventive businesses."

Menka Shah CAMenka Shah CA

Investment Director, Investment Fund for Health in Africa


From her nomination: "Menka's greatest achievement is in using her CA to do good in the world. She is an exceptional overseas ambassador and has worked tirelessly in Africa on improving healthcare."

Paul Shepherd CAPaul Shepherd CA

Senior Audit Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


From his nomination: "Paul is regarded as a subject matter and industry expert within his team, and is called upon in all manner of capacities outwith his day to day responsibilities. He is the only team member at his level who is regularly included in management meetings."

Helena Small CAHelena Small CA

Accountant, KPMG


From her nomination: "Helena is always friendly and approachable, giving juniors confidence to ask her for help as needed. She is trusted by managers and partners within the office with our most challenging engagements and takes a leading role in driving quality improvements on her jobs."

Devika Srimal Bapna CADevika Srimal Bapna CA

Founder & CEO, KANABIS

New Delhi

From her nomination: "Devika's passion, principled stand, strong moral code and energy are really inspiring. At a very young age, she has managed to follow her passion into something meaningful and practical."

Julita Stachowiak CAJulita Stachowiak CA

Senior Associate, Hutcheon Mearns Limited


From her nomination: "Julita is an exceptional young CA who excels at adding value wherever her role may be. Her achievements demonstrate that she faces challenges head-on and exceeds client expectations. She is full of energy and a pleasure to work with."

Kieron Steele CAKieron Steele CA

Director, Alvarez & Marsal


From his nomination: "Kieron has a proven track record of delivering results for clients. He has achieved results in revenue, cost, cash and overall finance function transformation with a pragmatic approach leveraging his CA grounding in business."

Richard Stephenson CARichard Stephenson CA

Senior Manager, Hall Morrice


From his nomination: "A highly effective leader, Richard motivates those around him to strive for excellence. He dedicates a huge amount of time to working with graduates, ensuring they have the technical and all-around skills needed by clients. He wants them to share his success."

Graham Stirling CAGraham Stirling CA

Audit Senior Manager, Grant Thornton


From his nomination: "Graham is the life and soul of our firm. He is valued as a future leader by our senior partners and viewed as a trusted mentor by junior members of the firm. His passion for the profession is evident through his active role in promoting ICAS in the region."

Craig Strachan CACraig Strachan CA

Finance and Operations Director, The Start-Up Drinks Lab


From his nomination: "Craig is extremely entrepreneurial and continually looks for the best opportunities to help himself and the others around him succeed. At 30 he has already launched two start-up businesses, raised significant investment and is bringing employment and economic growth to Scotland."

Ian Stuart CAIan Stuart CA

Head of UK Client Money Operations, Morgan Stanley


From his nomination: "Ian has an engaging personality that supports his hands-on approach to leadership.  He drives projects forward by engaging with all stakeholders and taking them on 'the journey'."

Eric John Summers CAEric John Summers CA

Partner, Leiper and Summers


From his nomination: "Eric John's dedication to client service is second to none and he has a great ability to engage with clients, staff and networking connections. He provides a professional, pro-active, personal and friendly service to all clients, regardless of size."

Brian Toward CABrian Toward CA

IT & Finance Director, Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms


From his nomination: "Brian's accomplishments, determination and work ethic are outshone only by far rarer attributes in a young businessman of his stature: loyalty, honesty and humility."

Kristina Waite CAKristina Waite CA

Principle Associate, Capital One (Europe)


From her nomination: "Krissy is the consummate professional with a tremendously positive persona. Even before she was leading a team, she was influencing a broad group of people at all levels and acting as a positive role model to others in the team."

Victoria Walker CAVictoria Walker CA

Audit Manager, Campbell Dallas


From her nomination: "Victoria leads by example and embodies the firm’s key values, ensuring client satisfaction by providing quality advice, leading to strong financial performance, and ultimately motivated, talented staff to support key clients."

Ben Walsh CABen Walsh CA

Senior Finance Business Partner, Scottish Government


From his nomination: "Ben has always been known as the sort of person you would actively seek to have on your team. He pulled together the LGBT, mental health, women's and BME networks within PwC to ensure one, cohesive diversity strategy and promote maximum engagement throughout the firm. He has always given his all at work."

Tom Warwick CATom Warwick CA

Senior Business Partner, The Football Association


From his nomination: "Tom has been a key cog in several global machines over the past few years of his career. From managing the budget of London 2012, overseeing operations at Rio 2016, and securing sponsors for the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, he is hugely passionate about sport and has worked to apply his CA skills to the industry."

Bradley Watts CABradley Watts CA

Assistant Director, Deloitte


From his nomination: "Bradley has been a pioneer in driving forward Deloitte’s approach to automation and visual analytics in Financial Advisory. His personal focus and enthusiasm in upskilling himself and others in the use of leading-edge technology make him stand out."

Colleen Welsh CAColleen Welsh CA

Accountant, Chiene + Tait


From her nomination: "Being a CA means so much to Colleen, and she uses her platform to do as much good as she can. She is always pushing for awareness and understanding of mental health and has been involved in raising awareness both in her previous firm and her current workplace."

Sophie Weston CASophie Weston CA

Head of Digital, Miss Selfridge


From her nomination: "Sophie found a sector she loved to work in and moved with it through a transformative era, going from commercial finance to e-commerce and online trading. She works admirably under pressure and is an expert in cultivating professional relationships."

Klair White CAKlair White CA

Infrastructure Financial Advisor, Ernst & Young Infrastructure Advisors

Los Angeles

From her nomination: "Klair has rapidly progressed through her career and lends her voice to pressing global topics such as infrastructure, energy, waste management and water. Her work is helping to develop and influence policy and transactions for critical future environmental infrastructure."

Benedict Williams CABenedict Williams CA

Senior Finance Manager, The Berkeley Group


From his nomination: "Ben’s value lies in his ability to adapt his financial training and expertise to engage a variety of audiences, ranging from finance professionals through to a diverse team of architects, surveyors and salespeople. He has become a focal point for the project, becoming a trusted advisor with an entrepreneurial mindset."

James Wright CAJames Wright CA

Commercial Manager, Dunlop Oil & Marine


From his nomination: "James has always been a hard-working individual and never puts himself first. Working alongside him and seeing what he has achieved at such a young age has motivated me to always put in that bit extra in order to become as successful as him."

Jinjing Xie CAJinjing Xie CA

Senior Manager, Moore Stephens


From his nomination: "Jinjing represents the modern CA, where the accounting profession is borderless and no financial markets are foreign anymore. He is bridging the gap between overseas investors and UK start-ups in the technology and Artificial Intelligence space."

Colin Young CAColin Young CA

Decision Support Manager, Diageo


From his nomination: "Colin has shown leadership, teamwork and critical strategic thinking qualities that set him above the rest. He is an inspiring and charismatic public speaker - a valuable skill for any CA to have."

Neelum Yousaf CANeelum Yousaf CA

Financial Controller, Ediston Real Estate


From her nomination: "Neelum was headhunted from her days in practice by Ediston as they valued her contribution to the firm and expertise. Her drive for excellence, her never-ending optimism and motivation at tackling new qualifications make her a great inspiration for those around."


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