The top 10 strangest interview questions revealed

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By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

1 April 2016

"How many people born in 2013 were named Gary?" and other strange interview questions.

Job interviews are notoriously nerve-wracking. That one meeting can mean the difference between getting your dream job and going back to sending out countless CVs.

If you are smart about it, you will have taken every opportunity to research and prepare for the big day. But sometimes, no matter how much preparation you've done, you are thrown a complete curveball of a question.

The golden oldies like "Where do you see yourself in five years?" and "What is your biggest weakness?" are a breeze compared to "How many basketballs would fit in this room?".

That is just one example from a list of the most bizarre interview questions released by recruitment site Glassdoor this week.

But there is method behind the apparent madness of these kind of questions.

“Employers are asking tough interview questions to test a job candidate’s critical thinking skills, see how they problem solve on the spot, and gauge how they approach difficult situations.

"Employers want to determine how different candidates respond to challenges, and those who respond well may have the edge when it comes to receiving a job offer,” said Susan Underwood, Glassdoor Head of Global Recruiting and Talent Acquisition.

Over 2,000 people took part in a survey by the job site which asked them to give some examples of questions they have been asked in interviews.

Here is a list of some of the strangest asked by UK companies.

“What will you be famous for?” - EY Director job candidate.

"How many people born in 2013 were named Gary?” - BT Senior Proposition Manager job candidate.

“If you had three minutes alone in a lift with the CEO, what would you say?” Network Rail Management Accountant job candidate.

“If the time is quarter past 3, what is the angle measurement on the clock?” - Standard Bank Group Product Control Lead job candidate.

“How many nappies are purchased per year in the UK?” AVIVA Graduate Programme job candidate.

“If you could have dinner with three actors that are no longer living, who would you pick?” -Blackberry Commercial Director job candidate.

“How many hours would it take to clean every single window in London?” - IBM IT Role job candidate.

“How do you get an elephant in a fridge?” – Gemalto Software Engineer job candidate.

“If you were a fruit, what kind would you be and why?” - Topdeck Travel Trip Leader job candidate.

“Which magic power would you like to have?” - Topshop Sales Assistant job candidate.

What's the toughest or strangest interview question you've ever been asked? Let the CA today team know by sending us an email or tweeting us at @ICASaccounting.


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