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30 August 2016

Last year, ICAS launched The Power of One campaign to re-establish ethics at the core of business practices and help rebuild the public trust in business.

Now as part of that campaign, ICAS has announced a series of events around the world to discuss The Power of One and what it means for members.

ICAS CEO Anton Colella said: "We are calling on every one of our 21,000 chartered accountants around the world to embrace taking personal responsibility and doing the right thing, especially when they encounter dubious or unethical behaviour."

Through their actions and attitude, CAs are a force for good in the organisations and industries in which they work. They can influence those around them to help shape the culture and values of their organisations and reinforce a more responsible and holistic approach to business.

The Power of One campaign is about understanding and supporting the "moral courage" CAs need in order to stand up for what they believe to be correct.

The Power of One events

ICAS is supporting the campaign with resources for members, new papers on the concepts and practice of business ethics, and a series of worldwide events. 

The latest series of The Power of One events starts in Sydney on 12 September and runs to 30 November with events in Singapore and New Zealand. Speakers include ICAS CEO Anton Colella, ICAS President Ken McHattie, past President Norman Murray and ICAS Director of Technical Policy James Barbour.

The events will highlight the significance of The Power of One and how ICAS can work with members on ethics. "Above all, we are looking to raise awareness of the key role of personal responsibility in business ethics. It's about the ability of the individual to stand up and make a difference," added Anton.

Striving for high ideals is enshrined in everything ICAS does, from the Code of Ethics to the motto Quaere verum (seek the truth) and each CA has responsibility for maintaining the highest standards of ethical leadership throughout their career.

Ethics for CAs is paramount

However, we understand the difficulties that can often be faced by members where inner strength and moral courage are needed to counter what may be major obstacles or a countervailing culture.

Chair of the ICAS Ethics Board and former ICAS President, Norman Murray CA, who is speaking at The Power of One event in Jersey, said: "It's never as clear-cut as you might think - certainly, as people progress through their job roles, the decisions get tougher. You always need to make sure you think carefully and maintain the eithical high ground.

"Ethics for CAs is paramount; it's part of our professional training, and I think it's our professional outlook. It's something that all members of the institute, or indeed any profession, have to take seriously.

"An important aspect of The Power of One is the need for individuals to have the confidence and the moral courage to deal with ethical issues. Alongside this, companies must encourage a culture of doing the right thing when dealing with those issues.

"We are encouraging our membership, many of whom hold key positions in global businesses, to play a leading role in influencing business culture and ensuring the right climate exists for principled, ethical decision making."

As well as laying down the principles of The Power of One and how ICAS will support that, members attending these events will get the chance to network with fellow CAs and learn about the ICAS Career Mentoring Programme.


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