ICAS supports next generation of accounting academics

Michelle Crickett By Michelle Crickett, ICAS Director of Research

1 September 2015

An induction event for new accounting and finance doctoral students will take place at CA House in November.

ICAS will be hosting an induction event for new accounting and finance doctoral students on 3 November, 2015. This follows a previously successful event in 2014 and takes place in association with the accounting and finance departments of the Scottish universities and with the support of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences.

This welcome event gives students:

  • An opportunity to familiarise themselves with the collegiate community of accounting and finance in Scotland.
  • A knowledge of the other joint events and opportunities which are available to assist them during their PhD period of study.
  • An introduction to the profession, including the topical issues facing the profession, and an understanding of the importance of engagement with the profession.
  • An appreciation of the need for their research to be policy relevant and able to have an 'impact'.

The connections made on 3 November at CA House with other students, academics and ICAS will lay strong foundations for a successful career in academia.

Michelle Crickett, ICAS Director of Research, said: "It is vital that we have close links between the profession and the accounting academic community and this new initiative enables ICAS and the new PhD students in Scotland to start to develop this relationship at an early stage in their studies.

"Such close links are beneficial to the development of the profession, both in terms of impactful research and the education of the next generation of accountants."

For further details please contact Dr Yannis Tsalavoutas or Michelle Crickett.

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