The five most profitable industries in Canada

By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

29 June 2017

Professional services rank as the second most profitable industry in Canada after healthcare, according to data gathered by the Government of Canada's statistics service.

Canadian Industry Statistics (CIS) gathers economic data from company reports and the government to identify the trends and financial fluctuations in GDP, productivity and trade among different industries.

In the figures for 2015, the healthcare and social assistance sectors in Canada reported that 93.9% of SMEs in the industry had a profitable financial year with an average company revenue of $350.3k (CAN). While balance sheet information for every business in the sector is not included, this serves as a good indicator of the industry's economic health as a whole.

Professional services, including accounting and legal professionals, also showed a strong performance with 88.9% of organisations ending the year in profit.

Financial performance data was not available for the finance and insurance or public administration industries.

1. Healthcare and social assistance

Includes: Ambulatory healthcare services, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities and social assistance.

Average revenue: $350.3k

2. Professional, scientific and technical services

Includes: Legal services, accounting, architectural services, management consulting services, scientific research and advertising.

Average revenue: $259.4k

3. Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services

Includes: Office administrative services, facilities support, employment services, travel arrangement services, security, waste collection and disposal.

Average revenue: $336.8k

4. Transportation and warehousing

Includes: Air transportation, rail transportation, pipeline transport, support activities, postal services, warehousing and storage.

Average revenue: $279.5k

5. Utilities

Includes: Electic power, natural gas distribution, water and sewage services.

Average revenue: $472.9k


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