The best paying jobs in FinTech

By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

21 June 2017

FinTech, or financial technology, is one of the hottest areas of the UK entrepreneurial market. The CA qualification could be the perfect compliment to existing skills in programming or technology development to launch a career in this immensely popular industry. 

Attracting talent has become the priority for many of the enterprises moving into the FinTech arena. In an increasingly crowded market, having the right people on staff is what gives many of these companies an edge.

Mariano Mamertino, EMEA Economist for recruitment site, told Business Insider: "Our data reveals that FinTech firms are now engaged in a full-scale battle for talent. Despite offering attractive salaries, many FinTech employers are struggling to recruit the people they need to grow.

"The FinTech sector’s tightening labour market is a side-effect of its rapid growth. With stiff competition among recruiters, it’s a seller’s market for professionals with the most in-demand skills; they are now highly employable and can seize the opportunity to earn a big salary."

If you are interested in joining the sector, either as a tech-savvy specialist or by building your own FinTech brand, it pays to know what roles are being fought over. Research from has revealed the most sought-after and highly-paid positions in the FinTech market.

5. IT security specialist

Average annual salary: £60,611

Potential career path: System Administrator > IT Security Specialist > Security Consultant > Chief Information Security Officer

With recent cyber attacks and hacking incidents gaining high-profile traction in the media, it is unsurprising that FinTech companies are looking to shore up their defences.

4. Risk manager

Average annual salary: £61,360

Potential career path: Risk Analyst > Risk Manager > Director > Vice President

An important role in any business, a risk manager is responsible for analysing and controlling the financial exposure of a business.

3. SAP consultant

Average annual salary: £62,756

Potential career path: SAP Consultant > Business Analyst > Business Systems Analyst > Senior Business Analyst

SAP is a software company based in Germany. Consultants advise on the structure and development of applications developed for business clients, dependent on specialisations.

2. Product owner

Average annual salary: £63,998

Potential career path: Product Owner > Project Manager > Project Lead > Lead Developer

As the lead on one or more of the company's digital products, Product Owners are responsible for ensuring quality and maintenance as well as identifying potential new projects.

1. Software architect

Average annual salary: £68,249

Potential career path: Software Engineer > Director of Information Technology > Vice President of Information Technology  > Chief Information Officer

The programmer in charge of the design logic of a software system on which all processes and tools are based.


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