TED talks: the career advice you probably didn't get

Photo of work colleagues in discussion
By Alex Burden, CA Today

10 December 2018

Susan Colantuono, CEO of Leading Women, a management consulting firm seeking to close the 'leadership gender gap' through professional development programmes, presents this TED talk on the kinds of career advice you have probably not experienced.

Suited for all genders, this talk explores the defining attributes of leaders, and breaks down previous sessions where it was revealed that 'personal greatness' and 'empowering the greatness in others' were two key attributes - but that it was assumed that 'business, strategic and financial acumen' was already present in men.

She notes a lack of advice on 'acumen' for women, and instead a focus on 'personal actions' such as improving their confidence and self-promotion. Although these types of skills are essential for moving up to middle management, they are assumed skills for top leadership roles - listen to Susan describing practical tips to help close the leadership gap. It's great advice for all genders.


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