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We want our CAs to join the conversation and share their own insights across Technology, Trust and Talent.

Whether it’s the far-reaching consequences of technological advances in the forms of automation, AI, blockchain and robotics, or the roles that each of us can play in rebuilding trust in business and eroding unethical practices, all our members can realise the extent of their own talents in making this vision a reality.

Crucially, we want the CA Agenda to lead the conversation and lend a platform for ICAS members to make an impact with their expertise.

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How you can get involved

To register your interest in getting involved or submit feedback on the initiative so far, fill out our short survey below.

You can also contact us directly by email at

What you can look forward to

The three themes of the CA Agenda will run through everything we deliver to our members, business and the wider public.

ICAS will host dedicated events on Technology, Trust and Talent throughout the year and attendance is encouraged to help share ideas, gather insights and ensure you stay ahead of the curve in a changing profession.

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We will be creating and curating a wealth of content from expert CAs, industry champions and our own thought leaders to keep you informed with the latest developments and insights.

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Other ways to join the debate

These conversations and the issues we seek to tackle are not isolated to CAs – they should be held in your place of business, with your friends and peers, across social media. Just like CA potential, there is no limit!

You can join the conversation by using #theCAagenda and connect with us on:


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